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Friday, August 9, 2013


You can officially mark your calendar! If Charlie doesn’t arrive on his own before then, I’m scheduled to be induced on Wednesday, August 14 at 2pm. 

We’re excited!  We’re scared!  We’re happy!  We’re nervous!  Ummm…how many other emotions exist in the world….yeah, let’s just assume that most of those describe our current state of mind.

The upcoming 5 days will be pretty busy.  The boys have their first Saturday gymnastics class this weekend and we have a wedding to attend that afternoon.  On Monday John has speech in the morning and I have a prenatal bonding session in the afternoon (more on this in a later post).  Tuesday I have one last prenatal bonding session.  Matt’s parents arrive that evening so we’ll need to make an airport run at some point. 

Then there is Wednesday!  Wednesday is the boys first day of preschool.  Drop off is at 8am.  Pick up is at 10:30am.  John has the same teacher as last year.  He’ll be a breeze!  Nathan will be venturing into preschool for the first time.  I’m not worried about his transition, but I am worried about how the stress in our home life will impact him at school.  He’s a little more outgoing (read: aggressive) than John and I don’t want him lashing out in the first few weeks.

Immediately after school John has speech therapy.  He should wrap up around 11:45-ish.  Assuming the stars align – that means we should have enough time to eat lunch as a family before Matt and I head off to the hospital. 

Hopefully by Wednesday evening or Thursday morning we’ll have welcomed Charlie into this world!

After that most everything is up in the air except for an airport run to pick up Father Charlie on Thursday.  We’ll baptize Charlie on Thursday evening or Friday morning depending on how the medical stuff is going.

In the meantime, please pray for our growing family.  Pray that Charlie stays put until Wednesday so that the proper team can be available at the hospital during his delivery.  Pray that he arrives as healthy as can be and can sustain life until his first surgery.  Pray that we have the window of opportunity to allow Father Charlie to baptize his namesake just like he has baptized our our other boys.  Pray that mom and dad can remain strong for each other, for Charlie, and for our other boys. 

I know it’s a lot to ask – but any/all prayers are appreciated.

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