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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Maybe, Just Maybe

Early morning update:
Charlie's surgeon, Dr. Huddleston, has already been in for rounds this morning. He's very happy with Charlie's progress in feeding (took all 60 mL for each feeding last night) but would be happier if Charlie would wake up hungry on his own every three or so hours. This is a skill Charlie will have to learn - because of the IV nutrition and the continuous feeds through his NG tube during the first 12 days of his life - he's never actually figured out what it means to be hungry - he just assumes that food drips continuously into one's body....

Dr. Huddleston also said that Charlie's surgical scars look like they are healing appropriately. Unfortunately, Charlie's labs showed a slightly elevated white blood cell count which can be a sign of infection. He also ran a little bit of a fever last night although the nurse thought it was environmental because he was clothed and swaddled. They'll be monitoring that closely today and he's already been down to radiology for an x-ray to rule out pneumonia which is common in kiddos that have been intubated.

There is potential for us to be able to take Charlie home today. We will have a better idea as the day progresses. I'm trying not to get my hopes up for fear of them being crushed later on. But everyone agrees that we're skating close to that line where he becomes more at risk for infection IN the hospital than he would be OUT of the hospital.

Please pray that his white blood cell count drops a little today. Also, pray that all the equipment we need arrives and training can get accomplished. All those will add up to us being right on the cusp of bringing our little man home....

Pray, pray, pray....we're ready!

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