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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Charlie has had a wonderful 24 hours! In the middle of the night the doctor removed Charlie's arterial line. He still has his PICC line (long term IV) and a standard IV but they are no longer running any continuous drips. His heart monitors will remain hooked up until discharge.

He also had two gavage feedings through his NG tube of breast milk. The OT cleared him to start bottle feeding and he ...has rocked out two bottles of increasing amounts since lunch! If he keeps it up we will be able to take out the NG tube before we leave the hospital...

And as a special birthday present to mommy - Charlie got moved out of the PICU to the TCU (transitional care unit). This is his last stop before coming home! Over the upcoming days the hospital staff will train Matt and me on how to care for a medically fragile baby. Once they determine that we have a grip on Charlie's care we will be discharged!!!

Pray that Charlie continues to tolerate his feedings and raises his caloric intake. And please pray that Matt and I can get through our training with few bumps so that we can get to the business of being a family of five at home!

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