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Monday, April 22, 2013

Nathan’s First Surgery

Today is Nathan’s first surgery.  Nothing big (or really scary), but unusual only because it’s Nathan.  You know!  My healthy child!  I joke that Nathan gets overlooked on the blog because he has hit his developmental milestones on time and has no major health issues. 

In a few hours we’ll be at Children’s Hospital waiting on a plastic surgeon.  Nathan has had a small lesion on the underside of his nose since birth.  Three years later we’ve finally decided it is not going away on it’s own so we are dealing with it.  We, personally, think it might just be a small wart that keeps resurfacing.  But Nathan tends to pick at it which makes it bleed like crazy for a few days.  It’s certainly not an eye sore as most people don’t even notice it, but we do not want to risk infection in the cartilage of his nose.

We saw a dermatologist about a 2 months back.  She couldn’t tell what the lesion was at the time because Nathan had just managed to knock the top layers of skin off when he fell and bumped his nose on the ground.  She told us that if it Nathan was an adult she would just numb the tip of his nose and cut it out in the office, but since two year olds don’t tend to hold still when we want them to – we were better off with a plastic surgeon.  And let’s be honest here …. this mom doesn’t want a scalpel anywhere near her son’s precious face when he starts flailing around in panic!

So today we’re off to the hospital for a quick ‘twilight’ anesthesia and facial plastic surgery.  They’ve got an hour blocked, but the surgeon predicted it would be less than 10 minutes from start to finish. 

In the meantime, I’m busy being thankful we’re close to family and have lots of friends!  Pawpaw picked John up at 6:30am this morning so that John didn’t eat or drink in front of Nathan.  And Pawpaw is probably dropping John off at school as I type.  Uncle Charles is picking John up from preschool and taking him over to a friend’s house for the remainder of the morning/early afternoon or until I can get home from the hospital. 

Seriously – how blessed are we to have friends and family that bend over backwards for us?!?!?!?