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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Keeping It Real

I missed last week’s Small Successes (mostly out of laziness) so I decided I absolutely needed to post this week.  Let’s be honest – I mostly want to post because I’m excited about the accomplishments of the past week.

1.  Thanks to a great pin on Pinterest (seriously, I’m addicted! and if you haven’t checked it out yet you really should) and a wonderful website, I made homemade finger paints for the boys.  Awesome because when Nathan sticks his fingers in his mouth I don’t freak out and it gave John some sensory play.  In fact, John ended up using the paints with his developmental therapist.  It went much better than mommy anticipated!  And when all was said and done, the therapist asked for the recipe Smile

2.  With Matt’s help we did a serious cleaning and purge of the playroom last weekend.  Serious, how do two little boys get soooo many toys?  Oh wait, they’re called grandparents.  Ironically, after we spent a whole afternoon taking toys downstairs, donating toys we don’t need/use, and finding homes for the remaining toys, my mother arrived with a bunch of toys that all the teachers at her school were not using anymore.  Maybe the innate desire to purge toys was Divine Intervention?

3.  I finally finished gathering the 9 bazillion pieces of paper, forms and surveys that the developmental pediatrician needs from us before he’ll even schedule John’s appointment.  It’s going in the mail today!  Praise God!  This has not been the easiest process considering it required records requests from 5 therapists, 4 hematologists, 3 hospitals, 2 pediatrician offices, 1 chiropractor and a partridge in a pear tree….  Not to mention that Matt and I filled out a nearly 30 pages on health history, family history, concerns, and questionnaires.

4.  Next week is going to be a packed week with lots and lots to do.  This summer we haven’t had the chance to attend many of the boys playgroups or activities through the MOMS Club because of John’s therapies, trips, and everything else.  SOOOO – I canceled several of John’s therapy sessions for next week and we’re going to Jumping Kangaroos (John’s playgroup), Little Monkeys (Nathan’s playgroup), hosting Executive Board (my group) and headed to STL for some fun at City Gardens on the MOMS Club field trip.  Sometimes we need a break from all the “help” we get and need a chance to be little boys!  Executive decision made!