"I love you and want for you all things that make you happiest; and I guess you, not I, are the one who knows best what those things are."

Monday, January 25, 2010

A Ban on Blue and Pink Trix Yogurt...

Dad has officially banned the triple cherry and wild blueberry Trix yogurt at our house. While it works wonders as a laxative - Matt has sworn off changing any more green/blue diapers. So no more Trix yogurt in our house until those eating it are potty trained.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's The Little Things....Right?

So this week has been a week...that pretty much sums it up. That having been said, it's probably important for me to think about the small successes that have accumulated over the week - no matter how small.

1. Despite having a 15 month old who has woken up at least twice every night this week and will only go back to sleep if he is sharing a pillow with his mommy - I haven't resorted to testing shaken baby syndrome (although I can see what drives parents to it!) Instead, I've cuddled, soothed, fed, and hugged a wiggly, squirmy, twisting, turning sack of 27 lbs who has limbs that have a knack for finding his sibling's place in my belly. Which, coincidentally, results in me being kicked from both the outside and inside....sleep isn't going well this week.

2. I loved Mr. Potato Head as a child. However, it's not nearly as entertaining as an adult. Probably because John can't open the flap where the accesories are stored so I end up doing it about 9000 time a day, he can only put pieces in the holes because he isn't strong enough to pull them out most of the time, and I'm constantly locating teeth, ears, and eyes all around the house. Even with all this - I haven't hidden the toy in the special toy box under his crib that he never plays in - I've left it in the living room in his favorite spot. Extra mommy points are deserved for this!

3. Even with sleepy eyes, this mommy has enjoyed the last few minutes of my son dancing to the songs on Playhouse Disney. He is quite adorable. :)

Check out other mom's successes (probably bigger than mine this week) or share your own over at Faith and Family Live!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our Trip to San Antonio During the Holidays

Grandma & Grandpa Garcia with their little Spurs fan!

Lunch with the family at Los Barrios

Mommy's Handsome Man on New Year's Eve

Thursday, January 7, 2010


It's a snowy day here in the midwest. All the schools are closed, the neighbor has been by with the snow blower, the fire is roaring in the fireplace. I'm sitting here with a cup of spiced friendship tea (thanks Aunt Bo!), John is napping, and I'm contemplating my successes of the week. I feel like I should have so many (I've gotten quite a bit done) but none of them seem very significant. I guess that's why I participate in Small Successes - because I need to be reminded that the small things add up to one big triumph!

1. John went to the doctor this week and got a clean bill of health. (It should probably be noted that this is his success, not mine). I talked with the doctor about John's recurring ear infections and ridiculously loud snoring. My success is that I finally convinced her that we need to see an ENT. (It should be noted that I've inquired about this at least 3 times previously.) While we don't want to rush into surgeries with John, we do want to make sure that he's comfortable and getting good sleep at night - hard to do when your ear aches all the time and you can't breathe because of a constantly stuffy nose.

2. Matt and I put together 'Santa's big gift' earlier this week - a Fisher-Price Laugh N Learn House - while John napped. When he woke up he played with it for 4 hours. Over the course of the week John has developed some new talent courtesy of the house. For example, we now know he can ring a doorbell with his toes, open an door with one foot, and balance precariously in a rain gutter. The joys of toddlerhood!

3. Despite the copious amounts of not-so-good-for-you food that is around the house (read as: cookies, candy, sweets, snacks, etc.) I've managed to keep my unhealthy grazing to a minimum. This is a major accomplishment for a pregnant woman!

God Bless you in the new year! :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

If it's going to be this cold - it better hurry up and snow!

So, we sit, and wait....and wait...and wait. The snow is coming - it's inevitable - it's crossed the river into IL. We're stocked up on milk, bread and eggs. We've bought enough food for the next couple days. The fire is roaring in the fireplace. Purchased salt to throw on the sidewalk. All this for 6 inches of snow....

More importantly - we've done this for the 0*F weather that is approaching tomorrow and the -2*F weather that will be here on Friday.

Seriously, we knew it was going to be colder in the STL metroplex than it was in Charlotte....but -2? Here's to hoping I can find NO REASON to be outside for the next two days...