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Friday, August 23, 2013

The Completion of Surgery #1

Charlie heads back to the OR today for his sternum and chest closure. It's crazy to say this surgery is minor, but it seems so small compared to Wednesday. While he's under anesthesia they'll remove one arterial line and place a new one (the new location will minimize the risk of infection).

Again we find ourselves in a holding pattern though. Hurry up and wait appears to be our norm. That being... said, the precious little girl next door who had open heart surgery yesterday hasn't had the same "first 24 hours" as Charlie. The surgeon has been paged to the bedside several times and around 4am chose to open her chest back up in the room. Again, we're blessed that our surgery is planned.

Please pray for Charlie as he undergoes his second surgery at 8 days old and for the girl next door that God may heal her and comfort her parents in this trying time.

Update:  The surgeon has come out to talk to us. The sternum and chest closure went well and Charlie's heart looked as expected. The OR team is trying to run Charlie's new arterial line now. After that we'll still have another 30 minutes or so until they get him settled in his room with all his meds and his ventilator. The surgeon's recommendation is to start weaning the ventilator late tonight.

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