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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back to Brenner

Today at the Heme/Onc clinic we were able to draw enough blood to send some to the Mayo Clinic for evaluation. Fingers crossed that we find something out!

We had another round of 2 transfusions (equalling 102mL) at Brenner. It should have been 110mL but John decided to rip his IV out with about 10 minutes to go in his last transfusion. Luckily, they called the doctor and she said they didn't need to place another IV for the 8mL!

This time we did it as outpatients which was nice. Although we didn't get discharged until almost 1am! However, it provided a great opportunity to watch the WHOLE inauguration of President Obama since we were relegated to a hospital room...

This is our last visit to Brenner before we move to STL next week. We'll be heading to STL Children's Hospital on Feb 6 for a meet and greet with their doctors. Our experiences at Children's ER were great over the holidays so were hoping they continue to impress us. Thus far we've had some trouble getting John's appointment scheduled...so we're a little nervous.