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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back To Making Progress

Today has been a day of progress! Charlie had his pacemaker wires removed (they were strictly precautionary and never fired), removed an arterial line and took out his catheter. They also changed his dressing on his chest wound. His sedative has been dropped significantly, making him much more irritable. He writhes in pain, squints up his face and opens his mouth as though to cry but the tubes down his throat prevent any noise from coming out. It's tough to watch as a mama.


However...his meds and vent have been weaned to a level that he can be taken off the breathing tube. The respiratory team just came in and prepped for him to have extra pushed oxygen as needed. So hopefully we're close to being extubated!

Please pray that once the vent goes off and the tube comes out that Charlie's lungs respond appropriately. Pray that the medical team can help him make this transition and we can hear our baby cry again for the first time in almost a week....

Update: Charlie was extubated this afternoon.  The team decided he would need some continued support so he’s on a high flow cannula (pushing oxygen through his nose).  He did well with the transition, only having one major drop in his oxygen saturations.  There were a few other small drops while he figured out how to breathe through his nose for the first time in a week.

Doesn’t he look great without that big ventilator tube down his throat?


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