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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Our First Update From Home

Charlie seems to be settling into his new home pretty well.
He has increased his feeds even more since leaving the hospital; he has fairly consistently taken 80-90 mL each time today. We're still fortifying his breast milk to make sure he's getting enough calories...but if his intake continues to stay around 80 mL per feed, we'll be able to drop that soon.

Charlie's home nurse came by today as well. She was happy with Charlie's vitals and stats, but did bring to our attention that we managed to get out of the hospital without Charlie's first vaccine. She's looking into it so that we can resolve that issue sooner than later. Charlie will have home health every other day for several weeks, then we'll re-evaluate his needs.

Little man also had his first at-home bath. Like most kiddos...he didn't really enjoy it. But his greasy, well-petted hair is now soft and clean once again.

Our only bump in the road since coming home has been the portable pulse oximeter. It's extremely finicky and the sensor only wants to work half the time. The result being that it beeps at us almost incessantly. Twice last night we administered oxygen to Charlie because the meter would not stop alarming. Neither time did we feel like Charlie's saturations were in a critical place, but we couldn't stop the alarm or in good conscience ignore it.

Pray that our uneventful weekend continues...it's the way we like it around here....


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