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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Late Night Update

Charlie made progress on his feeds today. He's increased the volume per feed which has made the nutritionist and cardiologist happier with his status. Mom and dad have received training on hooking up and reading a hospital grade pulse oximeter, inserting an infant cannula, and administering oxygen as needed. We've also now possess portable oxygen tanks, non-portable oxygen tanks and a oxygen condenser. Home nursing care has also been arranged as has an early intervention screening. The doctors ran some additional labs today and because Charlie's differentials came back normal the concern about his elevated white blood cell count has diminished.
Charlie is down to just his PICC line, pulse-ox, and monitor wires at this point. He's starting to look like a baby! At home he'll only have the pulse-ox still hooked up.

Dr. Huddleston rounded this evening again and said that if Charlie has an uneventful night that we will be discharged tomorrow!

So what did we do tonight to celebrate? We scrambled to clean up Charlie's room and move stuff around at home so we can accommodate all his equipment.

Pray for a night of good feeds, good labs, and good heart rhythms.

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