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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Today Is The Day

Well, today is the day!  It’s already been a busy morning in the Garcia household.  John and Nathan headed off for their first day of preschool and I’ve finished packing those last minute items into the hospital bag.

Nathan did great with drop off so hopefully the rest of his preschool morning will go equally as well.  He located his locker and settled in at a table to work on writing his name.  Right at the end he was a little upset to see Grandpa Garcia go, but overall the transition went well. 

John was a pro!  He went right into his class, put away his stuff and wrote his name on his worksheet.  Aside from playing “master distractor” and trying to avoid having to do the rest of the worksheet – he was perfect. 

Everyone at school was asking about Charlie.  Friends, teachers, aides, staff….  Not much to report right now.  We’ll head to the hospital around 1:30 with a scheduled induction at 2pm.  We’re excited!  But for now, there isn’t much to share.  We are most definitely in a holding pattern until this afternoon.

The boys are excited about Charlie’s arrival too.  They have both been asking this morning if Charlie would be here when they get out of school.  Matt and I are hopeful we’ll be able to take them to meet Charlie at the hospital tomorrow if I can get discharged (or at least get a hall pass) myself.  We’d really like to be there as a family for 5 together.  If Charlie’s health doesn’t warrant waiting until mommy is free from the hospital, then Matt will take the boys on his own. 

The next few days will be a roller coaster of emotions and activity.  We appreciate all the prayers and well wishes we’ve already received this morning.  Know that they are pulling us through this tough time.  Everything seems to be up in the air so we’re flying by the seat of our pants.  Luckily we have plenty of people here to help us out right now and even more waiting on the sidelines to be called into the game. 

We’ll continue to post updates here and on Facebook.  Hopefully we’ll have a chance to snap a picture or two of Charlie before he gets rushed out the door to the ambulance….  Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for a picture from the pediatric hospital….

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