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Sunday, September 1, 2013

A New Normal?

Last night we managed to get the pulse oximeter set up so that it only alarmed twice and both showed saturations in the upper 60'a (not uncommon for Charlie when he sleeps). This resulted in mommy getting *a little* more sleep than the night before.

Today however Charlie is letting us know that he was just taking it easy on us yesterday because it was his first day home. His feed volume is way down today and he's been far more irritable. Maybe cause he's not eating as much? (You just can't reason with kids these days!)

We did manage to get all his medications in him this morning and get his chest wounds cleaned and re-bandaged. But that was much like wrestling a screaming, crying octopus. But all in all - his incision site looks good. What little redness there was when we left the hospital seems to be fading.

Most of this morning was spent trying to put the house back together after dropping everything in piles when we came home from the hospital. We now have places for most of Charlie's equipment and cleared space in a cabinet for bottles/feeding supplies. We've washed loads of dishes, wiped down counters, and sorted laundry. There is still lots to-do but we are slowly catching up.

We're trying to figure out how we'll get three boys out of the house on time for anything. And how we will be able to carry all of Charlie's equipment with us when we do leave... It's going to be an interesting first few trips out of the house...

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