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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Welcome to the Church!

On August 16, approximately 33 hours after his arrival, Charlie was baptized in Cardinal Glennon's NICU by our long time family friend, Father Charles Latour. It was a special and blessed day.

Today we were able to conclude Charlie's baptismal rite with Father John Beveridge at our home parish of Saints Peter and Paul. Charlie was presented and accepted into our parish and Church and "officially" received the light of Christ through his baptism candle.
Charlie's godparents were both present (we didn't have to FaceTime anyone in) and he got to wear a beautiful white suit.

Our parish has been so supportive throughout Charlie's journey. From prayers to financial support, babysitting to grocery shopping, providing clothes and assisting with life insurance - they have always been there to help. It felt so fitting to share him with the congregation and ask for their continued support in raising him in the Catholic faith.

Here's a picture from this morning! What a great day!!!


(Nathan is hiding somewhere behind us by the altar)

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