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Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Charlie

No real medical updates to share (although Charlie is a 1/2 oz from breaking that 12 lb mark) so I thought I'd share less important but more fun stuff....

Things Charlie dislikes:
1. Hiccups. Apparently having your chest lurch uncontrollably after it has been wired shut is unpleasant.
2. The 5 min or so it takes to warm a bottle. Once he sees it...it better be ready for consumption.
3. The smell of hand sanitizer. I'm guessing he's been conditioned to think something unpleasant is about to happen when someone uses it in his proximity.
4. Motionless vehicles. If he's going to be strapped in a car seat - it had better be moving. Red lights are unacceptable in Charlie's world.
5. Mommy pumping. Just assume if the pump is running, Charlie is fussing.
6. Being without his monkey (which is attached to his paci). It should be in his fist at all times regardless of being awake or asleep...proof is in the picture...

Paci Pic

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