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Monday, September 23, 2013

FCI & NICU Reunion

This weekend has been filled with family activities! Charlie's grandparents watched him on Saturday so that the big boys could go to the ItalianFest parade with mom and dad. Everyone seemed to enjoy the time including great-grandma who got to feed Charlie a bottle that afternoon.

Then yesterday we packed up the whole family and headed to Laclede Park at St. Louis University. We had a great time celebrating our little Charlie at the Fetal Care Institute's and Cardinal Glennon NICU's annual reunion. They had an awesome set up complete with a picnic lunch, photo booths, face painting, storytelling and more. We had a chance to see several of Charlie's nurses and even saw the Rally Squirrel. We also spent some time catching up with my high-risk OB and the sonographer who saw Charlie weekly for nearly 4 months! Everyone was so impressed at how well he was doing, how much weight he had gained, how great his scar looked, etc.... It's so reassuring to know that the doctors and nurses think he's doing as well as mom and dad think he is doing!

Today was another nursing visit. I'm happy to report that we've broken the 11 lb mark! Charlie's heart rate was around 140 which is a little low for him, but still in the normal range. We'll continue to monitor it with the ever-so-finicky pulse-ox meter to make sure it is not dropping too much. His digoxin (heart med) slows the heart rate down so we'll need to be cautious when we administer that particular med.

Overall, we continue to thrive and we're slowly but surely getting out and about. As cold and flu season kick in we'll be somewhat quarantined due to Charlie's weakened immune system and lousy oxygen levels - so we're trying to spend a little time around the community now.

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