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Monday, September 2, 2013

Our Little Warrior

Ironically, we may be getting less sleep now than when Charlie was in the hospital. At the hospital only one of us was up with him at night and if he monitors decided to be finicky a nurse would deal with it. Now both of us are up (Matt feeds Charlie while I pump) and we both wrangle the pulse oximeter at different points in the night. But we're trading mornings of sleeping in and trying to get naps in during the day.

Charlie's feeding went better yesterday evening and last night! He's back up to his 80-90 mL goal thankfully.

Unfortunately his somewhat awkwardly timed 'suck, swallow, breathe' results in lots of hiccups. As you can probably imagine, hiccups are an unpleasant experience for someone who has their breastbone wired shut recently. So lots of writhing and crying come with what is a normal baby thing...

His scars are airing out this morning before we doctor them up with betadine, neosporin, gauze and band aids. So here's a look at our little warrior's battle wound... He doesn't seem bothered by it based on that goofy grin he's got going...

1174561_444563808992744_1095450288_n (2)

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