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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I Loathe Pulse Oximeters

We continue to wrestle with the pulse ox machine. We've tried multiple different locations for the sensors, different types of tape, extra tape, etc. we called the medical supply company that provided the equipment only to be told...the sensors are temperamental. We may end up buying some other type of sensor to see if that makes any difference. *sigh*

Charlie is really settling into a routine he...re at home. Granted, that routine consists of eating, sleeping and pooping, but he's adjusting to life outside the hospital walls well. He's even starting to sleep through some of the 800 kisses his brothers lay on him.

Because Charlie is gaining weight they've cleared him to nurse 1 or 2 times a day. He's been doing pretty well although we've found that he gets hungry about 30 minutes earlier than normal after nursing. It's probably a sign that he burns more calories nursing than using a bottle, he doesn't get quite as much volume, and he's not getting those extra 48 calories he gets when we fortify the milk in the bottle. Still - progress is progress...

We've learned lots of little things along the way with Charlie. For instance, we had to register our home medical equipment with the power company. This makes us a priority for restoring power in an outage since no power means no functioning equipment. Also, we've provided the local EMTs and 911dispatch with details on Charlie's medical status. That way in the event of an emergency they'll be better prepared by the time they arrive at our house. Small things that can make big differences with medically fragile kiddos!

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