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Monday, September 9, 2013

Normal Heart

This is a "normal" heart.


Suffice it to say - Charlie's birth heart looked NOTHING like this. His arteries and ventricles were switched, one chamber of his heart was practically non-existent, he had a kink in his underdeveloped aorta and a valve that didn't open properly (to name a few of his issues). Several followers have asked for details regarding his diagnosis, long term plan, life expectancy, etc.

Over the next few days I'm going to attempt to put some of this in perspective for those of you who are following Charlie's story. I'll try to explain the differences in Charlie's heart and the impact they have one him now and in the long run. Some issues will be remedied along the way, others will remain unfixed, more will be manipulated to a 'working' yet abnormal state.

I'm far from a medical guru - but I've come a long way in heart anatomy since April when we received Charlie's diagnosis. Hopefully, together we can map some of this out!

In the meantime - study this normal heart.....you'll need to understand it before you'll be able to understand the mess that is Charlie's heart.

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