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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Today we were pretty much snowed in.  OK - not really snowed in, but iced in.  The short trek to the mailbox was painful as the sleet pelted me.  We're told to expect about 14 inches of snow/ice over the next 24 hours.  Meaning, that the great outdoors will probably not be in our near future.

Of course, we all know that children only get sick when you can't make it to the doctor/pharmacy....so, with that in mind, John woke up with the worse case of croup he's had to date.  By mid-afternoon he had stridor (whistling/wheezing while breathing) so severely that I was sure he was going to pass out for lack of oxygen.  I called the pediatrician's exchange, because their office is closed due to inclement weather.  The on-call physician called me back and confirmed the croup/stridor over the phone resulting in a Rx being called into the only open pharmacy in the area.  Luckily, my parents were willing to brave the icy, snow-packed roads to get John his steroids so that I didn't have to take the boys out in this nasty weather.

What do you do with a toddler who can't run around because he starts coughing, is stuck inside, and you don't want to set him in front of the TV?  You make Valentines Day placemats with tissue paper, stickers, markers and wax paper. 
We're certain Daddy will love them on St. Valentine's Day!
 And when that gets boring?  What next?  Why, Cheerio necklaces, of course!

Hard at work
Little Fingers
Such style!

As a side note - tomorrow is Groundhog Day.  If it’s cloudy when the groundhog leaves his burrow in the morning, it will leave the burrow, signifying winter will soon end. If it’s sunny, the groundhog will see his shadow and be scared back into his burrow, meaning winter will continue for six more weeks.  Anyone have any insight on what happens if the groundhog can't get out of his burrow due to ice and snow?

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  1. Poor little guy! I hope he's feeling better. He is such a cutie! My 2 yo has those same PJs, although he doesn't have the stylish Cheerio necklace to go w/ them...LOL!