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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Successes

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!  We've have several successes around here this week.  Some greater than others, but all successes nonetheless.  It's been another week without Matt around so I've been in the trenches on my own.  Maybe that's what makes the successes so great!

1.  Since Matt took Nathan to San Antonio for 4 days - I had 4 days with just John!  What a blessing!!  Our successes included playing together without having to worry about toys with little parts getting into a baby's mouth, burning energy at McDonald's playland without having to worry about where to safely set a not-quite-mobile baby, and getting in the hot tub without having to worry about a baby trying to drink the water with chemicals.  :)  OK - really I'm just bragging that I got I to play with my toddler without distraction for 4 days....

2.  I managed to cook a nice Valentine's Day dinner before Matthew left on his business trip.  We had crab legs, green beans, fresh baked bread, and apple crisp.  Then I gave him kisses and sent him on his way to Kansas City.  *sigh*  I miss my man!

3.  We (appear to) have survived some ridiculous virus/bug/cold/infection.  I say appear to because this is the first morning everyone is waking up (relatively) fever free.  John started with a croupy cough on Monday then woke up with 103 degree fever on Tuesday morning.  Nathan spent all day Tuesday throwing up everything I gave him thanks to the congestion that he (still) has.  I made doctors' appointments while John sat on the couch in his winter coat and hat because he was so cold (read as: had the chills from the fever and wouldn't let mommy take the coat off).  However, both boys were given a clean bill of health at the doctor's office and we were told that there is something nasty going around and to rest, get fluids and take Tylenol.  That's all fine and dandy until your toddler is standing in the kitchen, crying, shivering, and calling out "cold, cold."  Tuesday night John's fever got up to 104.8 (with both Tylenol and Motrin in him!) and he was mumbling in his sleep but when it finally broke at around 6:30AM - it seemed to stay down most the day (and by down I mean 101).  Nathan has stopped throwing everything up - but has gotten his brother's croupy cough now.  PLEASE OH PLEASE don't let this drop into their chests!!!

Good successes this week.  Today we get John's psychological/behavioral evaluation.  Hopefully we'll figure something out with this therapist so that we can continue to get John the services he needs through the Early Intervention program.  I'm hopeful!

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  1. Good week. Good luck with EI. We've been through all of that....its exhausting.

  2. #1 sounds like so much fun! DH & I try to do one on one things w/ the munchkins whenever possible. That special time means so much to them (& us, too!)

    Glad everyone is starting to feel better. It seems like everyone I talk to is battling some kind of illness.

    Have a great weekend!