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Monday, January 31, 2011

Hunkering Down

The weather is coming.  I'm not sure what that means, but from the looks of it...it's not good.  Weathermen seem to be conflicted on the topic as well.  I've heard reports ranging from a small amount of sleet and snow to 3/4 in of ice covering everything with up to 15 inches of the powdery white stuff complicated by excessive power outages.  So by tomorrow we'll either be completely trapped in our house without heat/power or we'll be spending 45 minutes bundling up for 5 minutes of playing in the snow.  Either way, the National Weather Service has issued a "blizzard warning" for the St. Louis metroplex....so we're in for something!

Being the good midwesterner that I am - I did make a last minute run to the store today.  I was amazed that the grocery store wasn't crazier.  There were many empty shelves in the store mostly around what most people would consider staples (bread, milk, eggs) and the entire staff was stocking shelves as quickly as humanly possible.  We bought fireplace starter logs, a pot and clementines.  Why clementines you may ask?  Because that is John's favorite snack right now and we only had two tiny ones left.  We wouldn't want to run out of clementines while we're snowed in!  Why a pot?  Because if we lose power and I have to heat up formula - I don't want to have to stick my nice Calphalon cookware in the fireplace....

So anyway, we're hunkering down.  Praying for the best, preparing for the worst.  Let's hope we're just snowed in for a few days - two kids, two and under with no power/heat doesn't sound like fun to me....

Stay warm!

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