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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Where's My Brah-Bo?

Matthew took Nathan to San Antonio on Thursday.  They return tomorrow.  When John woke up on Thursday morning he came into our room, grabbed the video monitor like he always does and turned it on to check on his brother.  When Nathan didn't appear on the monitor he immediately flipped the switch to his bed, then back to the crib, and then pointed to the screen with a confused look on his face.  After a few seconds he smiled from ear to ear and pointed to our bed and said "brah-bo" (brother).  He ran around to the far side of the bed and looked for Nathan again...but he wasn't in mommy's bed either.....

After we established that Dad and Brother had gone to work together - Thursday went pretty well.  So did Friday.  But today - John is really missing his "brah-bo."  He's been calling down the basement stairs for him and has repeatedly gone to the bedroom to look in the crib for Nathan.  I guess 3 days without your brother is just a little too long for a two year old. 

Tonight we skyped with Matt, Nathan, Mom, Dad, Megan, Aunt Angel, Uncle Don, and more.  As soon as John saw Nathan on the screen he started pointing at him saying 'brah-bo."  He was so excited to see his brother online!  It really melts a mommy's heart to know that her boys love each other soooo much. Don't worry - he also was excited to see "da," "paw-pa," "me-maw," and "meh-meh" (Megan).

I miss Matt and Nathan immensely - but it makes me miss them even more when I know that John is missing them too.

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