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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Way To Go Mom!

Small successes for this week?  Yes!  There have been plenty!  But which ones to choose for this post?!?!

1.  After much chasing of paperwork, calling of people, voicemail left and more - I'm happy to report that John's therapy services through the state have finally resumed!  Geez Louise!  It took a lot of work on my end (although it shouldn't).  So he's had speech therapy this week and next week we start up occupational therapy again.  Still trying to track down his new developmental therapist and waiting to get his behavioral evaluation scheduled once I know who is supposed to be administering it. 

2.  We've been cooking at home a lot recently and planning our meals at the beginning of the week.  It's easier on the pocket book and easier on our waistlines.  This past week we've even tried out some new recipes!  Sweet and sour meatballs with rice was a big hit (John does love his meatballs!) and we cleared a lot of leftovers out of our fridge by planning our meals ahead of time.

3.  *This one is a biggie for me!*  Matt and Nathan left this morning for San Antonio for 4 days.  While the circumstances aren't great (they're attending a funeral), the success here is that I didn't cry when my baby left me this morning.  John's longest trip away from mommy was while I was in the hospital after delivering Nathan for 2 days and he came to visit twice a day.  And this is my first extended time away from Nathan and he won't be stopping by to visit from 4 states away. 
--Equally successful is that my husband managed to wrangle an 8 month old as a lap child on the flight to Texas without his (or anyone else's) eye getting poked out by flailing arms....


  1. Go MOM Go! Great list for this week!

  2. Oh My! What a week! Those are big successes in my book. GREAT JOB!