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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Can You Keep Up?

After a week of illnesses that had us locked in the house we've come out the other end.  For the record: I thought it was questionable at a few points.

1.  We got a few things done around the house that have been on the never ending to-do list.  They were little things, but they were the things that always seem to get pushed to the bottom of the list.  My wonderful husband hung Nathan's name in the boys room.  (We had the letters for several months before I finally painted them and now they've sat for weeks on end before we finally hung them up).  We put up two great picture holders that we got for Christmas and even put pictures in them.  I worked at cleaning off the end of the dining room table (that's a huge hotspot for us - things just gather there).  Now - this week's goal is to finish getting the house put together so that as the weather warms up we can start entertaining more!

2.  I did my due diligence when I couldn't find a magnet.  Yes, a magnet.  I caught Nathan chewing on a clothes pin that (used to) have a magnet on it.  Since I couldn't find the magnet in question anywhere in the house I called the pediatrician.  Good news though!  After an xray of Nathan's GI system we have determined that there are "no metallic foreign objects" in his little body.  *Hopefully he doesn't have any other "foreign objects" that I don't know about!*

3.  I took a little time for mommy earlier this week.  With good weather at the end of last week I got the boys outside in the jogging stroller a couple times and walked some laps around the neighborhood.  Exercise feels good (even if those hills did make me a little sore) and helps me sleep at night.  Then, since Matt had Monday off I took the opportunity to get a much needed massage.  Between being pregnant, nursing, carrying a 21 lb baby and 30 lb toddler, and the general stresses of life , my neck and shoulders were in bad shape.  After a 1 hour massage on my back, shoulders and neck - I felt much much better.  However, Tuesday my neck and shoulders were sore from all the deep tissue rubbing, poking and prodding.  (But it was the good type of sore, again!) 



  1. YAY for exercise! Sorry your little one ate (maybe?) the magnet -- that's crazy stressful!

  2. Don't worry he probably hasnt eatten anything. But, I understand your concern. I have sensory kids. So I've had my share of scares.

    You sound busy. Im suprise you need exerrcise to sleep. Take care

  3. Fresh air and exercise! I think it makes everyone happier...especially momma.

    Been there on the foreign object front as well. Thankfully we've never had anything serious. Those kids find everything!