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Saturday, October 26, 2013

We Know It Is Coming

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about Monday's cardiology appointment. We're hopeful that Charlie's aortic narrowing has slowed, but realistically that is unlikely. We're in a race with the clock right now. The longer we can hold off doing a cath to repair Charlie's coarctation the less likely we'll have to do a second cath to prep for his next surgery, the Glenn.

Charlie seems to be doing well, but there is no denying that his saturations are starting to drop a little. While this is expected t's just a question of whether the coarctation is the cause or if it's time for his Glenn. Luckily his body seems to be keeping up with everything at this point and we haven't had to bust out the oxygen very often.

I fully understand that Charlie will have a cardiac cath in the upcoming months, another one before his third surgery, and probably more in the years following - but from a mom's standpoint - each one that we don't have to do is fine with me. Not that we'd ever put Charlie at risk to avoid the procedure...

Bottom line is that we know the next steps are approaching. In the near future we will be scheduling procedures and surgeries. It is so hard to look at our precious boy and know what lies ahead for him. He seems so healthy and happy on the outside, yet we know that his body is struggling so much on the inside...

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