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Monday, October 21, 2013

Growing and Grooving

13 lbs! That's how much Charlie weighed at his most recent nursing appointment! Most heart babies don't see 13 lbs until well after their 2nd surgery, so Charlie continues to defy all the odds.

Our little (big?) man is also meeting some "normal" baby milestones. We now have social smiles, cooing, and more awake time in this house. I'm loving it!

There are times it's hard to believe that Charlie has been home for 7 weeks! We've been blessed with few complications along this road. Aside from a scar running down his chest and some slightly bluish lips you'd never know that Charlie has already been through more than most of us will see in our lifetime.

We have a pretty good morning and evening routine going now. In fact, this weekend was the first time we've missed a dose of his medicine. It sent mom and dad into a bit of a panic (one med regulates the electrical signals in Charlie's heart), but a quick call to the cardiologist put us at ease and we adjusted doses according to recommendations.

Charlie is growing and thriving! Next week were back at the cardiologist for another echo and consult. Pray that things continue to go smoothly!

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