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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Early Intervention

Yesterday Charlie spent the afternoon with a team of therapists. Since he has such a complex heart condition he automatically qualifies for certain therapies through the State of Illinois' Early Intervention program. The group assessed Charlie for about 30 min and we talked extensively about his status, past and present.

Charlie will have occupational therapy twice a month. The OT will work on feeding and some fine motor skills. She'll also help with sensory integration skills and coping mechanisms for unpleasant times.

He'll also have physical therapy once a month. The PT is primarily looking to increase Charlie's strength and endurance. She will also assist with some positioning activities since Charlie favors lying on his left side and we don't want to develop a flat spot or muscle weakness from not using both sides equally.

We're taking every little bit of help we can get for Charlie. He's a fighter, but we know there are still hurdles to overcome. An extra coach here or there along the way can't hurt...See More

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