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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


It’s that time in pregnancy when I can see the end.  Which also means I feel as though there is a looming deadline for all the things I want to accomplish before Charlie arrives.  Why does the list always seem to be longer than the time left? 

We’ve got the basics finished.  The crib is set up, the dresser is in Charlie’s room, and I finally washed some baby clothes this past weekend.  There is more than enough food in this house to feed my family for a few days. 

If Charlie arrived this afternoon we could survive.  But there are still lots of things to accomplish.  Not the least of which is to pack a hospital bag.  (My OB told me to do this back at 32 weeks – I’m looking at it as if Charlie won’t arrive until I do it so there is no need to rush things along.) 

Other things include finishing laundry for Charlie, getting all those clothes into his dresser, and doing some general cleaning and organizing.  We’d also like to finish up some yard work, wash the windows inside and out, and clean out a few closets.

So, who wants to come over and help us out?

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