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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Annual Tradition - Lake Geneva, WI

We've really come to look forward to June each year.  For the last several years we've spent a long weekend in June at Lake Geneva, WI.  Years ago my dad was appointed to an Illinois State Bar Association committee and the ISBA holds their annual conference in WI...weird, right?  But it's a nice little resort town close to Chicago and since people in Chicago think they own the whole state - they pick the location.

The conference is super family friendly complete with a carnival kick-off and kid's camps/activities scheduled each day for while the adults are in meetings.  As if that's not enough, the hotel that hosts the conference has a private waterpark with two great kids areas and lots of water rides for all ages.  My parents have been gracious enough to let our boys tag along on these trips the last few years.  Now, they spend most of the year talking about the next time we go to the waterpark.  So much so that this year when we got ready to leave, John had to run back inside to get last year's room key to the hotel (I guess he was worried we wouldn't be able to get in our room?  Seriously though - what 4 year old keeps track of a room key for 365 days?!?!?  Most days he can't keep track of his sippy cup!!!)

We had some rain on this trip, but it didn't keep us from accomplishing all our favorite activites.  We spent time at the waterpark, ate at some of our favorite restaurants, and toured the lake on the mailboat!  John mastered all the waterslides he was big enough to ride on this year.  Most the time he didn't even need mommy at the bottom to catch him.  Nathan even got going on a few of the slides.  Despite not napping most of the weekend the boys were very well behaved and even sat through the 2.5 boat tour of the lake.  Although it probably helped that there was a mailman jumping off the front of the boat, running down the dock to the mailbox, tossing mail in the box and then sprinting back to the still moving boat in an attempt to jump back on to the back of the boat before it pulled away.

This year on the way home we swung out to the Jelly Belly warehouse (something I've wanted to do since I was a kid but my parents never indulged!).  The boys loved it!  Jelly Belly's galore!  And as a side note - if you've never had a red apple Jelly Belly - get on it!!!

Here's some of the photographic highlights of our trip!

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