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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Finding A Balance

It's hard to find a balance right now.  We're running from doctors' appointments, to speech therapy, to counseling, to gymnastics, to soccer and still trying to fit in family time and general prep work that comes with bringing home a baby.

Two nights ago the kids and I painted a dresser until 9:30 pm and Matt finally finished mopping the floors at 10:30pm.  Last night we managed to squeeze in the much anticipated trip to see Monster University, but that meant that I was doing touch up work on the dresser at 10pm.  We've been tucking the boys into bed later (partially due to summer daylight and partially because our evenings are sneaking away from us).  While normally these things wouldn't seem so big - it makes us consider what life will look like when we're trying to maintain some semblance of our current family life while having a baby in the NICU/PICU.

We've decided that keeping the boys in soccer is fruitless.  They aren't particularly attached to the sport.  Nathan spends more time laying in the middle of the field hoping the coach will pick him up and throw him in the air than he does actually playing.  John enjoys it, but is most interested in the goalie position (not running) and they don't really have a goalie at 3/4 year old level.

Obviously we will be keeping John in speech therapy as much as possible.  Luckily his private speech therapist will work with us on scheduling things.  And at this point there is little doubt that we will continue with the counseling for our family. Doctors' appointments aren't going anywhere - if anything they'll be increasing....

So the one that remains up in the air is gymnastics.  Both boys LOVE their gymnastics class.  LOVE.  The look forward to it every week.  They giggle with glee when they see their "coach."  Both boys subject us to constant "watch what I can do now" moments throughout the week that all stem from gymnastics.  However, the gym is 35 minutes away plus the hour and a half we're there.  Making gymnastics a three hour event once a week.  And it's not the cheapest endeavour they've chosen thus far.  

We flip-flop (no pun intended) on gymnastics all the time.  One could easily say that the money is better saved until we know where we stand with Charlie.  The time commitment is too much.  We don't want to have to take Charlie out in a germy gym once he comes home.  But the other side of our brains tell us that our older boys need the structure.  They need a physical outlet for their stress and emotions.  They deserve to have something 'normal' in a pretty abnormal situation....

So how do you decide???  Decisions have to be made though.  Sign ups for gymnastics are rapidly approaching.....

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