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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Charlie Update (Week 36)

Charlie continues to thrive in utero.  That’s always the most important.  At 35 weeks we had our last appointment with the cardiologist until Charlie arrives.  Dr. Peterson was very happy with Charlie’s state.  There didn’t appear to be any valves leaking in his heart and she couldn’t identify any fluid build-up around the heart (a sign of heart stress/failure).  The only lousy news from the cardiologist is that it appears that Charlie’s ventricular septal defect (VSD) is probably getting smaller.  In a regular situation – doctors would literally be rejoicing and celebrating!  In Charlie’s situation it creates an environment where his blood flow to the body will be even more limited than it is already.  The good news in all this is that the doctors know about his defects ahead of time and he will be given drugs immediately upon birth to keep his blood flow as stable as possible.

At the last doctor’s appointment there also seemed to be some discrepancy in how much Charlie weighs…a few weeks ago we were told he measured 6 lbs 9 oz, but at week 35 he measured 5 lbs 13 oz.  My OB certainly doesn’t think Charlie is losing weight – it’s most likely user error in the measuring.  Either way he’s over the 5 lb mark which is vital.  And he still has a few more weeks to go! 

Mom is doing well too.  I’ve no signs of pre-term labor.  Contractions are occasional and mild but I’m not progressing at all.  I’ve got very little swelling (no cankles here!) and aside from feeling big, pregnant and hot during the summer…all is good.

The current plan (subject to change at any moment) is to induce in week 38.  We don’t want Charlie to have any distress in the womb.  Plus everyone is trying to control the uncontrollable by having the doctors who have been working with us at the delivery.   So it would be ideal if Charlie was born between M-F, 8-5 on a day that Dr. Vlastos is available to assist with delivery and with a long enough labor window for the Cardinal Glennon team to arrive at St. Mary’s Hospital prior to Charlie actually being born.  Anyone who has kids knows that this is like asking for every star in the universe to align….Kids are never this predictable. 

Please continue to pray for us as we navigate this process.  We’re excited to welcome Charlie into the world, but also battling the feeling that his arrival will feel much like being pushed off a cliff.  Fear of the unknown seems to be the worst….

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