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Monday, July 11, 2011

No Good Excuse

I feel like I write a lot of the “sorry I’ve been missing from the blog recently” posts.  I always come back eventually though.  For about the last 2 weeks I’ve been thinking that I needed to get on an post some family updates, but to be honest, once I take a break from the blogging…I find it hard to sit down and type up a post.  Why?  Because I have so much I want to document and post, but don’t want the posts to become muddled with information…. *sigh*

That being said, I’m going to try to write several posts over the next few days.  Updating on important things like Nathan’s second 1st birthday party, a trip to Lake Geneva, WI, updates on how the activity bags worked on our two road trips, information about John’s therapies and progress, and at least one general update on Nathan (cause that boy is growing and developing leaps and bounds!!!).

Hope you’ll all hang in there with me over the next week or so.  Look for updates often!  I’m committed to getting the blog caught back up!

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