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Friday, July 15, 2011


My little Nathan-man is a long way from being little now-a-days.  He’s weighing in at nearly 25 lbs (85%) and his height puts him well into the 98% – so according to the doctor “he’s taller than he is thick” – well, that’s a relief to a mother who’s lugging 25 lbs everywhere she goes!

Besides the physical developments – he’s desperately trying to catch up with his brother in motor skills, cognitive skills and speech.  He’s attempting to stack blocks when he’s not busy knocking over his brothers.  Nathan loves self-feeding, periodically manages to actually get something on his fork all by himself and if it wasn’t for the fact that most things that go on a spoon slosh right off – he’d be a pro with the spoon.  (As I type this I’m remembering that we used to buy John the whipped yogurt because it was thicker and would stick to the spoon.) 

Let’s talk speech – yeah, Nathan’s going to be my talker.  He pretty much narrates his whole day with babbling right now.  His current vocabulary includes: mama, dada, ow-tide (outside), in-tide (inside) more, aw don (all done), oh no, mmmmm (yummy), dink (drink) and okay.  On top of those – he’s mimic and imitate almost anything.  In fact, when John’s speech therapist works with John – Nathan sits across the room and does the speech sounds on his own. 

Nathan-man isn’t quite walking yet.  He’s at that stage where he gets distracted and lets go for a few minutes, then suddenly realizes he’s not holding onto anything and either lunges for the nearest item or falls down.  Seriously though, walking has to be close because when he cruises the furniture, walls, and everything in between, he’s only hanging on with 2 fingers most the time!

Other important growth milestones – his lovely curly hair that Matt wants to cut.  Right now I’m winning this battle if only because the ladies at Matt’s office are smitten with the curls!

Now – for the visual update!


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