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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Second 1st Birthday!

We enjoyed a wonderful celebration for Nathan’s second 1st Birthday…yes, you got that right…his second 1st birthday.  Remember?  We celebrated his first 1st Birthday Party in Texas during our trip…

So here’s the highlights:

  • Nearly 40 people (including kiddos) descended on our house
  • Matt was the grill master with ranch burgers and hot dogs
  • All the kids knew exactly what Chuggington was – none of the adults did
  • Little man successfully devoured an entire baby cake (and I’m really not exaggerating)
  • Nathan got more toys than he could ever play with in a lifetime, although the one below seems to be a favorite

IMGP0881Seriously – who buys a 1 yo a power wheel? 

Oh wait – Grandma and Grandpa!


Happy Birthday Nathan-Man!!!!

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