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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Coming Back to Small Successes!

I’ve been away for a while…hope no one thinks it’s because Small Successes is now being hosted by Sherry over at Chocolate for Your Brain.  I’ve just gotten away from blogging for a little while.  You know – so I could deal with things like my family, my house and my friends.  Not a bad exchange if you ask me.

But what are the successes for the past week?

1.  We’ve been working on potty training.  This is a huge success in m book.  Although John’s still having plenty of ‘accidents’ we’re making progress.  I was hoping it would work like a light switch..just flip on all of a sudden and he’d be dry for days.  Not the case!  But with lots of reminders to ‘tell mommy if you have to go potty’ we’re on our way.  (Maybe the light switch just takes a month or so to flip?)

2.  I’ve been baking Amish Friendship Bread every 10 days and passing out my starters to friends.  So far so good.  Although I may be exhausting my list of friends who have any true interest or talent in baking.  We’ll have to see if I can find enough friends to pass this next round of starters out to ….

3.  With the help of my dearest husband….we’ve paid off my car!  Which means we officially own both of our vehicles!  YAY!  So hopefully we’re a little easier on our budget (since we’re still paying a  mortgage in NC and rent in IL – Anyone what to buy a house in NC?  3 hours to the beach, 2 hours to the mountains, quaint town, completely remodeled in 2007… Just sayin’)

Make sure to head over to Small Successes Thursdays at Chocolate for Your Brain!


  1. These are all great successes! I know about #2 and exhausting the list of friends :). It's always fun to share but for that kind of thing, most of us have a definite stopping point where we have to unfortunately start dumping starter :(. Yeah for potty training! My 3 1/2 year old have several false starts since turning 2 but in May seemed to suddenly decide he wanted to use the potty! I hope John has a much smoother transition than we did (good news for us, the 2-year-old is now training himself!). ~Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge

  2. If only I lived closer, I could take some of that bread! I LOVE Amish Friendship Bread & haven't had any in years.

    Good luck w/ the potty training! I found that I just had to wait until they munchkins were ready, not me. Once they were, that light switch was flipped right away!

  3. Potty training is quite the succcess! Good luck selling your house - it sounds lovely.