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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sticky Floor Success

I'm really starting to love Small Successes! I'm not getting bogged down in trying to come up with witty things to say on the blog or trying to make sure that I capture all our intimate family moments. Instead I'm just enjoying being able to share our everyday life with people who care...nothing exciting, nothing fancy - just a family getting along as best we can with what we've got.

1. The sticky floor I posted about during last week's successes is truly a success now. The stickiness is no more. Just in case you have a toddler carry cucumber salad through your living room, down your hallway, and then spill it in the bathroom while trying to tell you with sign language that he wants more - the solution is to use a steam mop and Lysol Multi-Surface floor cleaner. I'm just grateful for not sticking to the floor everywhere I walk! (Told you I'd end up re-posting this success)

2. I hosted Koala Babies playgroup (under 1 year old) at our house this week. Granted, Koala Babies is the easy group to host because most the kids aren't walking and frankly, many aren't even moving yet. However, since Matt is out of town for work this week and I hosted it on Wednesday - I consider it a success that the house was in enough order to let people in the front door. (Thanks for the help cleaning Lizzy!) Let's just say that 5 children under 1 with watermelon is pure, drippy, sticky, wonderful goodness....Guess I'll need to bust out the mop again!

3. We got our first Usborne Book Show order (Thanks Aunt Tina)! I'm excited about the book show because the speech therapist is wanting us to read to John for about 2 hours a day. It's tough to find two hours in our day, let alone convince Nathan or John to chill long enough to read more than a few sentences. But we're working on it...a book here, a book there. And now we'll have some new books to read! Praise God!


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  1. Yay! No more sticky floors.

    Good luck on the book show and finding 2 hours!

  2. Great job finally getting the floors un-sticky!

    Now you just need to ban all sticky foods for a few weeks to give yourself a break :)

  3. Great week! So happy the floors are squeaky clean again. I will have to check out the steam mop. Sounds like a wonderful tool.

  4. I also will have to check out the mop. reading to kids is so important, and yet sometimes so hard to carve out the time. Keep trying in small spurts, and the kids will look forward to it. Best of luck this week.

  5. LOL! I don't know why I find the saga of your sticky floors so hilarious (probably because you write so wittily!) but again it caused an actual LOL. Congrats on getting it clean!