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Monday, August 30, 2010

Go Ahead...Call Me Susie Homemaker

The MOMS Club that I belong to is facing an epidemic of pregnancies right now.  (We asked the city to test the water but they refused.)  There are about 40 members in the group, 10 are pregnant, and between September and February we have 11 babies scheduled to make their arrival.  Yes, I said 11...one lucky mommy is expecting twins!  Not to mention that two of us have delivered in the past 3 months.  Sheesh!

I decided I couldn't afford a gift for every baby that makes an appearance in the next couple months - especially with John's birthday, Thanksgiving travel and Christmas coming up.  So I went in search of a cheap, but cute, baby gift that I could make.  I stumbled upon a picture of two baby washcloths wrapped together to make a little cupcake...adorable!  Perfect!  Something small, practical, easy to make and inexpensive! 

On our last outing to buy diapers for the boys I swung through the baby bath section and grabbed a couple packs of baby washcloths.  I dug some little pom-poms out of the closet, then went to the kitchen to claim some cupcake wrappers.  Finally I searched through a box of our wedding supplies and found little tulle bags we had leftover from our favors.  The results...

Go ahead....
Call me Susie Homemaker....

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