"I love you and want for you all things that make you happiest; and I guess you, not I, are the one who knows best what those things are."

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Keep On Rockin'

Thursday brings around Faith and Family Live!'s Small Successes. I've spent a great deal of time reflecting on Small Successes this week. I'm not sure that I always take the time to really think about how wonderful the small things really are throughout the week. And even though I try to type up a few small successes each with Danielle's encouragement - I'm realizing that more often than not I just glance over my to-do list and quickly type up three things that I've scratched through...


So this week I offer some slightly more reflective small successes (even if they look distinctly similar to all my previous one - know that I have really thought about these)

1. I've agreed to host an Usborne Children's Book show at our house on August 23rd. That having been committed to, I've sent out invitations on Facebook, via email, through Evite & even stuck a few postcards in the mail. I'm hoping to get lots of sales at the show so that we can stock the boys' library with discounted books.

2. After a cucumber salad incident that involved copious amounts of sugar water being poured on the floor in the living room, hallway, and main bathroom, I have steam mopped the floor a minimum of 5 times this week. And let's be honest - since I still stick every time I walk down the hall - I'll probably be mopping most of next week. I reserve the right to re-list this small success next week.

3. I've been a single parent since Monday. Matt is travelling for work. I've survived thus far and he comes home tomorrow. Unfortunately, he's back on the road all next week too....


  1. Good luck with the book show. They've got great books.
    I hate mopping! I have a hoover floormate that does a good job, but I still hate it. Maybe if I did it more often, it wouldn't take as long. (I say that every time I do it and I still put it off)
    hang in there. i'll be a single parent most of the weekend. :(

  2. LOL, #2 was a tragic situation put hilariously :). Great job finding humor in a catastrophic event :-D

  3. Ugh - so sorry to hear about all the mopping. It's one of my least favorite jobs! I wonder if a little vinegar would help with the stickiness. (We use castile soap and vinegar when we mop and it seems to work very well.)

  4. Great job! It's hard to keep it all together when Dad has to travel. I would happily come mop for you if I could. We'd have the floors smelling like lemon before you know it!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Great job this week! Usborne Books are great! And, yes, you may have the right to relist the mopping episodes next week!