"I love you and want for you all things that make you happiest; and I guess you, not I, are the one who knows best what those things are."

Thursday, March 3, 2011

What Are The Little Things?

Every Thursday Danielle Bean over at Faith and Family Live! encourages us fellow moms to celebrate our small successes from the past week.  She reminds us that when you work as a stay-at-home-mom it's often the small successes that add up to one big triumph.

So with no further ado - here's the successes from the Garcia clan this week:

1.  I have resisted the urge to completely panic even though the computer gurus who currently have my dead laptop are having trouble finding the pictures on my hard drive.  They have located the ones from March 2010 and earlier - but nothing from the last year.  Please, oh please, Lord - a little intercession would be greatly appreciated!  I can't imagine losing a whole year of photos of my family (including the first 6 months of Nathan's life!)  I keep reminding myself that I have most of the photos on Walgreens.com and my family and friends have a wealth of photos of my family...but still...prayers and pleas are appreciated!!!! 

2.  John's next IFSP meeting has been scheduled and this time I'm better prepared.  After the last meeting I was so upset about the outcomes, but I won't be this time!  I have spoken with the speech therapist, done my research, gotten copies of all his evaluations/reports and more!  John's lawyer (read as: Grandpa) will even be there to back us up.  We're gearing up for a battle - but I'm optimistic of the potential outcome.

3.  The family attended a rally this week to support the state workers of Wisconsin.  I know it can quickly get to be a heated topic, but as a child of a State of Illinois employee father and a teacher union-supported mother - I think collective bargaining and unions are important.  Since not everyone has a voice at the table (for obvious reasons) I think the least we can do is allow a few to speak/negotiate for the many.  Even more important to me is I truly believe that the right to freely associate is God-given. That being said - I don't think anyone, government included, should be allowed to strip any of my God-given rights.

Whether you agree with those who are protesting/rallying or not, I think we can all agree that prayers are needed.  Prayers for those involved in the protests, prayers for those at the bargaining table, prayers for those who are trying their best to work with a completely out-of-balance budget.  Let us offer up our thoughts for everyone involved to come to a mutual understanding and do what is best for the majority.  Really - God has never asked us to do anything more.



  1. Good week! I hope your pictures are safe:) I fear losing photos too

  2. Ugh, good luck with the pictures. Pick up a couple of those flash drives and back them up. I try to do that and then toss them in the safe-deposit box. Gives me some peace-of-mind if things go haywire.