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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Success in 4's

Another week has come and gone....wow!  Life moves so fast!  But let's slow down just enough to recognize and celebrate the small successes in our lives.  We all know that the small successes add up to a big triumph.

1.  First, and by all means most important....Today my wonderful husband and I are celebrating our 4th anniversary!  How blessed I am to have him by my side!  In these four short years Matt started a new job, we bought a house, had our first son, moved cross-country into my parents house, almost sold our house, moved into a rental house, had our second son and somewhere in between all still found time to be spouses.  Maybe not quite as often as we should have - but enough to know that our relationship is still growing.  We're still learning about each other, ourselves and our marriage.  We still spend time laughing and loving.  I can't wait to see what the next year brings!

2.  I waged battle with the Early Intervention system with the support of my dad.  The therapy team recommended to the state that he work with 4 different therapists.  We won the battle!...I'll keep you posted on the war.  In the meantime, John's therapy continues as does his progress. Mommy and Daddy are soooo proud of him!

3.  On Monday I managed to deep clean 4 rooms in the house.  And I mean DEEP clean.  Cabinets emptied, washed inside and out, and restocked.  Walls scrubbed as needed.  Everything dusted and clutter put away.  Makes me feel good to start Lent with a clean house.  :)

4.  (Because we are talking about 4's here)  All four of us made it to mass yesterday for Ash Wednesday.  Since we haven't made it to an Ash Wednesday mass in a while (I think since we've been married) this is a big success!

Tell us about your successes over at Faith and Family Live!


  1. Wow! Yeah for you especially on #2. I have been dealing with early intervention specialists and now teachers since my daughter was 2 (she'll be five in July). It's never easy because supposedly everyone wants what's best, but best for whom? In a mother's case, it's always the child, not the school system or agency or doctor or whatever...I will offer prayers for that journey during lent

  2. Congrats on making it to Ash Wednesday Mass we missed last year and it feels so good to start Lent in the right way:)

    Good job with EI I totally understand....its a battle. But, its a battle for our kids....so its totally worth it.

    Good week

  3. Praying for you...what a list! You amaze and inspire me with all you do! I know this season will be SO fruitful for you.

    Bless you and Go MOM!!! Take care!