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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shhh…Don’t Tell My Kids

  • Naptime and bedtime directly correspond to the point at which  mommy can no longer handle the whining/fussing.
  • A scoop of peanut butter on a spoon is not candy.
  • The cookie they get at the grocery store every week is free (until they turn 11).
  • I try to coordinate John’s therapy sessions to coincide with Nathan’s naps.  A little mommy time is nice!
  • Sometimes I can hear them calling out from their bedroom at night – but opt to ignore it.  If they really need me they’ll come get me, right?
  • I’ve actually re-acquired a taste for hotdogs (I loathed hotdogs from high school through my “I have a toddler” days).
  • Occasionally I turn on a Disney movie even when they aren’t in the room (mostly so I can choose which one we’re watching that afternoon).
  • Bad behavior does pay off (think Chris Brown at GMA and Charlie Sheen) and Santa will still visit even if they have an absolutely rotten December 24th.
  • Although their stellar problem solving skills frustrate me beyond compare – I’m a super proud mama when I see those skills at work.  (Even if it means having to put things on a higher shelf or allow a child to eat a cookie – “it wasn’t in the fridge mom!”)
  • There is a distinct possibility that they will get in trouble even if they tell the truth.  Granted, it may be less trouble than if they lie – but telling the truth doesn’t always keep you out of trouble.

Bottom line – there are a number of “un-truths” that we share with our kids.  Some for their protection, some for ours, some because it’s simply easier to explain with a white lie.  I imagine in the future we’ll have any number of questions that we don’t want to answer with the complete truth.  Will we take the tough route and answer them head on? Or will it be easier to tell them that the tooth fairy only pays for teeth that are brushed every day and babies are dropped off by the stork?  Cross that bridge when it gets here!

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  1. Very nice. I was just telling a friend that I keep flip-flopping about whether or not to teach Sarah how to tell time. There are plenty of instances when I'd like to say, "You have to be ready by ____ or we can't go," but I also like being able to fudge bedtime for when it's most convenient for me.