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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday Again?!?!

Successes this week!  Yes - we had several! 

1.  We survived the bug that attacked our family.  I was out of commission for the 24 hours of New Year's Day and Matt fell victim all day Monday and most of Tuesday morning.  Despite it giving both of us a swift kick in the...we're both still moving, eating food again, and generally don't feel like we're dying.  Additionally, I've Lysol-ed most everything in the house in hopes that the boys don't have to start waging war with this stomach bug!  Trust me - all of this is a HUGE success!

2.  We had some friends over for a playdate and lunch this week.  A fellow mom confided that she was feeling a little overwhelmed and stressed since her husband has been traveling more and more for work.  Boy can I relate!  It was great to have her and her boys over to the house for some play time, make your own pizzas and great (real and honest) conversation about being a stay-at-home-mom with a traveling husband.  A must do again soon!

3.  I'm (almost) caught up on laundry!  It's been a lot of washing, folding and putting away, but I'm happy to report that the boys have pants to wear again and the "sick" sheets/blankets from all the beds/couches having been washed in the hottest water my water heater can produce.

Got successes you care to share? 
We'd love to hear about them over at Faith and Family Live! 

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