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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day By Day

It’s time to celebrate our small successes once again!  I love this meme.  What a great reminder that it’s the little things that add up to one big triumph when you spend the majority of your day with little ones who are (for the most part) non-conversational….

So what all did I accomplish this week?  Well – let’s see!

1.  Last night I hosted 11 wonderful, fun, entertaining, hysterical women at my house for Bunco.  This is our 4th month playing as a group and I think we’re all loving it. In my opinion it’s a good way to spend $5 (our ante for the pot) as these women help me keep my sanity.  Some are stay-at-home moms, some work part time, others work full time.  Their families range in size from 6 kids to 1 child.  There are set a set of twins, children with special needs, husbands who travel extensively, and husbands who work from home.  It’s a good mix – and the 2 hours a month spent with these women is simply wonderful for my state of mind!

2.  Went to the grocery store this week and re-stocked the freezer with meats.  One of our local grocery stores has a wonderful sale a few times a year where they sell most of their meats for $5 a package.  I always try to make it to the store the sale, but often I go on the last day when most of the meat has been picked over.  This week I went on the second day of the sale – and got some great deals.  I bought some whole chickens, pork chops, chicken thighs, and more.  Total savings of over $40!

3.  I wrote an email to my child’s school PT when we got a report saying he didn’t meet any of his benchmarks.  Her response came back within an hour.  It was aggressive, dismissive, and, frankly, pretty rude.  I was mad.  I was heated.  I immediately wrote a response – then I closed my email and didn’t send it.  For many years BC (Before Children) I would remind the students that I worked with that “the first thing you think, isn’t necessarily the first thing you should say.”  I took my own sage advice, waited for the long weekend to pass and yesterday I wrote a direct and pointed response, but one that wasn’t born out of anger.  Now the ball is back in her court…


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  1. Wow! That last one rocks completely. I totally need to paste that thought in my brain. Nice work!

  2. Good for you on #3...I know that frustration of not meeting the benchmarks (in our case, it's sometimes because being optimistic we set them too high, or more commonly, my child decides she is NOT going to do something)and I also know the frustration of working with a therapist like that. You did the right thing, for sure and that is a great success! ~Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge