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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Back at Small Successes

Time to jump back on the bandwagon with Small Successes.  I really do enjoy participating in this meme as it gives me a chance to reflect on my accomplishments (even when they seem minute) each week. Begs the question of why I miss posting the meme so often???

Kicking off 2012 Small Successes….

1.  I got a sewing machine for Christmas!  Yay!  However, those family members living close by are not sewing-inclined.  So I’m learning on my own.  So far I’ve threaded my machine, wound a few bobbins, stitched more bright pink lines into one of Matt’s t-shirts than I’d like to admit, reattached a decal to Nathan’s shirt and repaired the toy stroller seat when John broke it.  I’m calling this a BIG success.

2. I’ve created a bedtime routine chart for each boy.  We’re only on day 4 of using it, but so far it’s going well.  I like that it gives the boys directions (both visually and with words) for what comes next.  And as a result – Mom and Dad have missed steps less often (meaning that we’re not stuck cleaning up after the kiddos are tucked in bed or suddenly running into the bedroom to give medicines before someone falls asleep).Boys Bedtime Routine

3.  I’m working at purging the *stuff* from our house.  Christmas brought in plenty of new, exciting things and several “upgrades” so I’ve been diligently throwing away, putting in donate piles and recycling. 

Bonus #4.  I’ve come to terms with re-gifting and returning items.  We got a couple duplicates this Christmas that we’re returning to stores and a few items that I’ve stashed away to be used as birthday gifts for friends’ kiddos or upcoming gift-required occasions.  It’s a slow process for the returns (since from 10:30-5 everyday at least one person 3 or younger is napping) and right now I have a Tupperware container in my dining room filled with things that still need to make it back to different stores – but I’m trudging along in the process and we’re getting things we actually NEED in exchange.

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  1. Good for you figuring out the sewing machine yourselves! My mother has had one for years that she hadn't been using and this year found an angel tree ornament of someone who wanted one and she was able to give that gift. The chart looks excellent. And #3 and #4 go hand in hand I think and both are difficult for me but I'm getting better so good for you there! ~Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge

  2. Happy New Year! Love your chart! I've tried some in the past, but I can never seem to stick to them. My sister is a HUGE chart fan!

    Great news on the sewing machine! I'd love to have one. Do you have a Michael's or JoAnn's nearby? They sometimes have sewing classes.

  3. Love the sewing machine gift - good for you! I found reading the manual to be a tremendous help!