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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Celebrating Preparedness

Today I’m celebrating preparedness….what does that mean?  Well, it means I’m ready!  Ready, ready, ready.  Let’s stop to evaluate what all I’m ready for…

1.  We’re ready for Chris & Steph’s wedding almost a week ahead of time!  And by ready I mean – I have two boys packed, activities planned for the car, maps of our route courtesy of AAA, my dresses picked out, hotel reservations made including a crib for Nathan, and the car cleaned out (so that it can get trashed during the 12 hour drive to TX).  I’m ready.  Boys are ready.  Matt on the other hand?  He’s on his own!

2.  I’m ready for John’s next meeting with the state.  I’m even ready for his first meeting with the local public school district.  I’ve talked to therapists, service providers, friends and family that have worked through this process of transitioning a child from Early Intervention to Special Ed.  I’ve gotten John’s entire file from the State of Illinois.  I’ve completed some research on his needs and I’ve quizzed his therapists on their thoughts.  Bring on the big guns – I’m ready for this meeting!  (Did I mention that it’s not for a couple weeks?)

3.  We’re ready for summer!  We’ve dug the outside toys out of the basement, kept the grass cut, put the child swings back on the swing set, aired up the bicycle tires and swept out the garage.  I’ve also dug out the boys swim trunks, bought Nathan a baby float for the pool, and checked out stock of sunscreen.  Now we just need consistently warm weather and lots of sun and summer will be ready for us!


  1. Wow! I'm impressed with all your preparation! Good luck with your meetings with the state and school district. It's so important to have everything prepared when you go into these kinds of situations. (I haven't done it; but my mother has. In Illinois, too.)

    Here's hoping for some warm weather for you!

  2. Have a fun trip to Texas for the wedding! Be sure and treat your boys to some Bluebell --my favorite is Praline's and Cream and their Cookies and Cream is also completely awesome.

    As a mom with a child with special needs myself and having a meeting for another on Monday, I admire your preparation for such an event. Good work!

    Thanks for participating in Small Successes although I think yours are pretty darn big, and I hope we see you again next week!

  3. AWESOME! Being prepared ahead of time is something I strive for...sometimes I make it, sometimes I don't, but I guess that's life! Kudos to you for all your preparedness!