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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Successes Out of the House


It's Small Successes Thursday! After all, the little things add up to one big triumph!

Our successes for the week include:

1. With the help of my mother-in-law I took both boys to the zoo! We rode the train, took in the sea lion show, went to the sting ray petting arena, and rode the carousel. All before lunch! Then we hurried home because it was hotter than the hinges of hell!

2. We made it out and around town this week. Over the past week I've made it (with both boys in tow) to Borders, a friends house, Lowe's, my parents house, my grandmothers house, McDonalds, Walgreens, the grocery store and several other places. We've bought birthday presents, had play dates, purchased groceries and restocked the medicine cabinet!

3. I went on a childless date with my husband! We had sushi, we had drinks, we visited a friend, we talked about things other than a child's eating habit and bowel movements....all thanks to a grandma who was willing to babysit!

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  1. Great job this week! Those dates w/ hubby are so needed at times (minus the sushi in my case!) It's so tough to NOT talk about the kids, isn't it?

  2. Congrats on getting out alone with both boys. I thought it was much easier at that age than at the age mine our now (9,8 & 6). I would take the three of them to the zoo alone - now I am not sure I could do that.

    Also, YEAH on date night!!! We have our next one on the 7th

  3. YAY for date night, and double yay for sushi!!

    Glad to have found you via Faith and Family Live

  4. Wonderful for a date and time off from talking kids. What a nice boost. And it is hard to not talk about the kids!

    Great for you getting out!!! So awesome!

  5. Oh - congrats again on your newest blessing!!