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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Small Successes - Two Sons Edition

I've taken a break from Faith & Family's Small Successes for the past few weeks. This break is not because our weeks have been without successes, but because surviving each day with a newborn and a 21-month old is a success on its own. We're getting in our groove now so it's time to start back up. Nonetheless, I would like to disclaimer this posting with a reminder that we may be looking at some super small successes because I'm new at being a mom to two sons.

1. I've started flying with the FlyLady. Okay, let's be honest - I'm trying to fly....I've shined my sink. My kitchen counters are clean when I go to sleep. I get dressed to the laces every day. I'm taking the baby steps she recommends - it's just I'm taking them slower than recommended...

2. I've managed to get some cooking done this week. Mostly because my mother-in-law has been here to help hold Nathan while I'm in the kitchen. But it feels good to get back in the kitchen - I love to cook!

3. John, Nathan and I have made a few outings now. It takes longer to do things - I'm still mastering helping a toddler down the step at the front door and getting an infant carrier out the door at the same time, but there have been no fatalities yet.


  1. Great week! Baby steps may be small but they are CRUCIAL. Your walking and that's all that matters. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and God's grace will continue to flow.
    Have a fabulous week!

  2. You're further ahead with the FlyLady than I am, and I don't have two little babies!

    Congrats on a great week!

  3. Great work! Your blog is making me nostalgic; a little over a year ago we had 20 month old and newborn sons. :) It is very challenging when they are both so young and need you so much. (I'd still put my boys in that category, except a year out I'm so much more recovered that it is much easier to handle). So, good job on all of your successes, and know that it will get easier!

    Oh, and a double stroller is a big must with two little ones. We actually had a traditional double but as my older guy gets closer to 3 a sit 'n stand seemed more reasonable. I also found that using a baby carrier (sling, Ergo, etc.) was really helpful when out with the boys.

  4. I completely relate to these success!!! I have a 22-month-old and a 2-month-old. I am just barely starting to get the hang of getting my toddler down the three flights of stairs with my baby and getting into the car without the toddler running into the parking lot. This week I consider it a HUGE success that I actually cooked dinner every night this week. The only way I survive and get everything done is my baby carrier.