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Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm Back!

Well, once again it's been a while since I posted anything. I have several updates for our friends and family who follow the blog.

First, Easter was wonderful and we snapped some cute pictures of John hunting eggs in the backyard. He found the egg hunt entertaining for about 6 eggs - then decided it was more fun just to step on the eggs. Nonetheless, he looked just dapper in his pale blue sweater vest and he enjoyed every one of is 6 Easter baskets.

Second - I spent the evening of Easter Sunday at the hospital getting fluids. While John enjoyed all the candy and goodies that Easter brought, Mom spent the vast majority of the day either in bed or hanging my head over the toilet. So around 7pm Matt packed me up and took me to the hospital to get 2 bags of fluids and some nausea medicine. Good news is that baby is fine, mom is fine, and the stomach bug has now passed (after 5 days of vomiting).

Third, John has started speech therapy. Right now they are working on some new sign language with him and a LOT of repetition of sounds. He did well with his therapist - playing on the floor, even inviting her to sit a little closer at one point. Since his ear tubes have been put in place he's definitely become more vocal, so we're hopeful that a little speech therapy will have him talking our ears off.

Fourth, John has become an outdoor boy. Given his options, there is nothing he would prefer more than playing on the swing set. He loves to swing and go down the slide. No amount of outdoor time satisfies his need for swing set time - resulting in crying every single time we leave the swing set. I suppose when you find something you like - stick with it.


Well, that's our update for now. More to come and pictures to follow. (PS-I typed this whole post without a "t" key on my keyboard. It fell off and broke last week. And of course, my computer is out of warranty so I have to pay Dell to mail me a new letter "t")

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