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Friday, April 23, 2010

Stop Signs Mean STOP!

What a day! John woke up early this morning so we took advantage of it and headed out to get our errands finished before lunch. We were at the chiropractor's office at 9am when it opened. We went to the grocery store and restocked the fridge with essentials such as milk, eggs, and toaster waffles. We stopped by Maryville Elementary to drop toothpicks off to John's grandma so her kindergarten class could do an art project this afternoon. Then we headed to Border's bookstore for story time at 11am. (That's a busy morning for a pregnant mom with toddler in tow!)

John enjoyed story time today. They read 3 Winnie the Pooh stories and colored pictures of Tigger. The cafe even brought all the kids little sample cups of a strawberry smoothie...which John gulped down in about 30 seconds.

We headed out a few minutes before noon so that we could get home in time to eat some lunch before nap time. However, that plan was apparently flawed. As we were departing the shopping center a Ford Focus broadsided our Trailblazer at a four way stop. Now, one would assume that the Trailblazer would fare far better than a Focus in a fight...but you would be wrong in this case! Instead, the Focus had a dented license plate and a small scratch on the front bumper. Our car on the other hand has about $2500 worth of damage according to the adjuster who looked at it this afternoon.

Luckily, no one was hurt. The other driver jumped out of her car to check on us. I'm sure she was pleased to see pregnant woman with a toddler get out of our car. The impact was at the front passenger door, so even though John sits on that side of the car, he was completely unscathed. In fact, he was more upset that mom wouldn't let him out of his car seat during the next hour while we waited for police reports and information exchange than anything else.

By the time we left the scene and drove home, John had fallen asleep - without lunch. He slept until 3:30pm and finally ate a banana around 4:15pm which we are calling lunch. The best laid plans......

The good news in all this...the other gal accepted liability for the accident. Her insurance company already contacted us to arrange for repairs and a rental car. So aside from the nuisance of being in an accident and having to get the repairs completed - all is well. Mom, baby and toddler are fine. The car will be fixed. It won't impact our bank account since her insurance is covering it.

Check John's first car accident off the to-do list....

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  1. WOW!! What a day! Being preggo myself, does one need to get checked out, or do you just go back impact - if it wasn't bad, we don't need to check anything? I'm like you, I don't tend to overworry about myself - but as I enter these last few weeks, I do chuckle at the idea of freaking someone out who hits me and sees my belly....

    Bless you guys!